Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall may be arriving!

 We're FINALLY getting some welcome rain today. It's been crazy warm here this fall. I'm actually still harvesting the occasional tomato. I took most of the summer off to wage a battle with Lyme Disease. It's been a struggle but I seem to be improving quite a lot. Now we're strategizing as to how we can cut down on the tick population. Don't be surprised if next spring I start posting photos of chickens.

We finished our outdoor shows for the year, the last one being The Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, MO. We had a great show, huge crowds and for a welcome change, people were buying.

We also participated in a couple of indoor shows. The first one was at The Grand Hand Gallery in St. Paul. It was a lovely show and we even had some sales. Not bad for the middle of the summer! Ending this weekend is A Glass Exhibit at the River Falls, WI library. It's a nice show with a wide variety of glass pieces, many of the artists are former students of Jim's.

Now we're back in the studios making new pieces for the next adventure, The Washington Craft Show at the Convention Center in D.C. We're also participating in a "salon" at Fred Kaemmer's studio in St. Paul. I'll post the dates when I know them. 

Happy Fall and full moon!